The head of Tecnau points out that what happens in Ukraine is against the values that every parent should pass on to a child to make them an adult.

Stefano De Marco, General Manager at Italian finishing firm Tecnau, pledges his support for Ukrainian printers affected by the war.

I would like to express my closeness to all the people in Ukraine for the situation they are living in, which is just unbelievable.

Every day, we hear news and we see images which are just against our core values, those big and small values that, as parents of young kids, we try to teach them every day to let them become good adults.

From a distance, we would like to do more. We are doing what we can. But we would like to let all the printers working and living in Ukraine know that we are here today and we will be here tomorrow.

Our prayers are that true peace will be here as soon as possible.

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