Worldwide Print Industry Standing with Ukraine​


Directly and through our correspondents in the field, we collect testimonies and messages of solidarity. In this section you will find some of the contents and protagonists of Print Against War​.

About us

Print Against War is an independent movement created by a group of influencers in the global printing and packaging industry.

Soon it will also be a non-profit organization, governed by passionate management and overseen by a group of respected printing enthusiasts.


In every country in the world, printing is a cornerstone of the free flow of ideas. Everyone involved — authors, publishers, printers, print and paper engineers — are part of a cultural, technological, and professional ecosystem that we have a duty to nurture and defend. 

That’s why we wrote a Manifesto to start the Print Against War project. We’ll adhere to this scheme as much as possible, and we’ll be ready to improve it with advice from everyone who joins.