We are the print industry.
We stand with Ukraine.

The Facts

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not only raping and destroying a European democratic and sovereign country, killing or endangering the lives of individuals and families. The insane military aggression is also undermining Ukraine’s economy, including hundreds of printing companies.


Our Duties

In every country in the world, the printing and publishing industry is a cornerstone of the free flow of ideas. Everyone involved — authors, publishers, printers, and printing and paper engineers — are part of a cultural, technological, and professional ecosystem that we have a duty to nurture and defend.


Our Responsibility

As independent publishers and influencers in the European printing and packaging industry, and founding members of the EDP Association, we pursue the mission of increasing the knowledge and well-being of all print entrepreneurs and workers. No one should be left behind.


Our Commitment

In the last few weeks, we started an intense conversation with our Ukrainian EDP partner Igor Agarkov, publisher of Print+. Together with other European colleagues, we immediately supported him financially for the magazine’s continuity and relaunch once the war is over. Igor will help us promote activities and engage Ukrainian printers who need (or will need) help. Some of EDP’s European partners, opinion makers, agencies and businesses have already decided to support this initiative. All are welcome to join the network.


Who Can Join?

Anyone can donate, support or stand with us: printers, suppliers, manufacturers, publishers, trade shows, and any accredited member of our industry.

Any Ukrainian printing company can join the platform, report their distress and needs, and start a conversation with their counterparts. They will be eligible to receive help in proportion to their actual needs.


What Are We Doing?

  • We have created a website and established an open Slack group where everyone can freely chat, interact, ask for help and offer it.
  • We started a crowdfunding campaign aimed at supporting the relaunch of Ukrainian printers’ businesses after the war.
  • In cooperation with a European partner, we are building an online printing platform whose profits will be donated to reviving the Ukrainian printing industry after the war.
  • The fundraising, the platform’s turnover, and any other form of donation will be tracked, made public, and become part of a balance sheet that will always be available for review.
  • All donations other than money will be subject to estimation and economic valuation.


What Can You Donate?

  • Money, which will be used for the purchase of consumables (ink, toner, paper, media, plates, blades, etc.).
  • Formal commitment to provide batches of consumables at the end of the war (if they’re suitable for a wide range of users).
  • Prepaid vouchers for the purchase of printed materials, to be redeemed after the war to allow damaged or destroyed companies to restart selling and invoicing.
  • Technical support packages and spare parts to get damaged printers up and running again.
  • Secondhand machinery.


How Will We Recognize Ourselves?

  • Community members can freely use the #PrintAgainstWar symbol.
  • Donors will receive a #PrintAgainstWar donor certificate.


Beyond Ukraine

The aggression against a European country, geographically and culturally close to us, has awakened our consciences and led us to mobilize. But we can’t forget that violence and oppression cause suffering in many areas of the world. If our project is effective, we will have the opportunity in the future to support other struggling printing markets.