An innovator and global concept developer reflects on the absurdity of this war and reiterates the need to restart businesses

Marcus Timson, co-founder of FuturePrint and involved in the Printing industry since 2005, encourages anyone in the global print sector to join Print Against War to help rebuild the Ukrainian printing industry.

Clearly, I think anybody with a heart, everybody with a family, cannot fail to be moved by the distressing scenes coming from Ukraine, for what is an unprovoked attack on their liberty, their culture, and their lives.

Being someone myself who’s traveled the world and worked in a number of different countries, I’ve gotten to know how passionate, innovative, and committed the print industry is. And I know that, in Ukraine, it’s clearly been heavily impacted by this war.

I was particularly heartened by this initiative for a charity called Print Against War. Clearly, at the moment, while the war is still raging, there’s a need for food and there’s a need for medical supplies. But as the war hopefully comes to an end soon, there will be an even bigger challenge for people in the printing industry to really reignite their businesses. To start kick-starting the economy.

This initiative is really designed to help them directly on the ground in Ukraine kick start their businesses and reclaim their lives. So we encourage anyone in the printing sector, anywhere in the world, to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine rebuild their businesses and get behind this fantastic initiative.

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