A message of solidarity and clear understanding of what war takes away, and confidence that eventually every war ends, and life returns.

In a meaningful message Alon Bar-Shany, chairman of Highcon and former general manager of HP Indigo, applauds the courage of the Ukrainian printers and population, expresses his solidarity, and pledges his help as a member of the global printing family.

I love this industry, and over the years have met thousands of printers from dozens of countries around the world. I have always been motivated by the fact that the printing industry is an aggregator of professionals, mostly family businesses that play an important part in keeping alive the values of communication, transparency and freedom.

These days, to be sitting in Israel, and reading and seeing about the horrible war, and invasion that is going on in Ukraine is heartbreaking, and we don’t really know what to do.

Being from Israel, we unfortunately have some sense of what war means. And I also think a lot about my parents, who were born in Berlin, Germany, and had to live as refugees in 1933, and left. Something they never imagined would happen.

Because in the end, the war ends. And life comes back, and as the Print industry I think we want to help our colleagues.

Alon Bar-Shany

First of all, my heart is with my fellow printers and all the brave people of Ukraine. I wish you that these terrible days pass quickly. We are thinking of you, and we are also trying to figure out how we can help today from afar. And the next day. Because in the end, the war ends. And life comes back, and as the print industry I think we want to help our colleagues. 

Rest assured we’re here to support you. We would love to know a little bit more about what your needs are, in the short term, and ensure that when the war ends, as a printing community, in Europe, in Israel, around the world, we can come together and rebuild.

I applaud your courage. I have many colleagues and friends in Israel who have their families in Ukraine, and some have not spoken to their grandparents and uncles for the last ten days.

It is difficult to understand. Please share your needs with us. How we can help. We will be here to help as we can.

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